GPS Land Surveying Equipment

The term survey means commonly means land surveying and this is carried out by using mechanical and electromechanical Trimble Land Survey equipment that uses the line of sight to calculate the area of the land being surveyed. These surveyors make use of traditional metal tapes that are graduated. The slopes' distances are measured in horizontal segments and the best surveyor can achieve a one centimeter error for every one hundred meters he or she measures. The sources of these errors are made up of equipment errors, techniques and varying degrees of environmental occurrences such as extremes in temperatures. The method of using these graduated measuring tapes have been replaced by more sophisticated measuring devices such as electronic distance measurement devices where the distance between two points are measured by the use of an energy wave being shot from the electronic distance measurement instrument into the reflector at the other side of the point. The time for the wave to be reflected back to the electronic distance measurement device is then calculated. These devices are applicable to distances of more than five kilometers with more accuracy and precision. The modern surveyor used handheld global positioning system devices that has the ability to measure land areas from the sky with the use of two or more satellites. Global positioning systems makes us of the simple reference points to make measurements with the most minimal error probabilities. These global positioning devices have the capacity to carry out land surveys without the line of sight such as mountain areas, river beds and others, in short the global positioning devices are able to receive three dimensional information such as the elevations and all the three planes in physics, the x, y and z planes. The results are therefore accurate and the errors are very minimal even in measuring hectares of land mass. It is a revolutionary technology that also allows for pinpoint accuracy of your position anywhere in the world. These global positioning devices have been developed for the use of the military and other para military personnel but because of the importance of accuracy of results, they were quickly adopted for use by land surveyors, they have become integral parts of mapping and surveying techniques around the world. Mapping has become faster and easier and land maps are being generated in computers according to the need of the client be it a two dimensional or three dimensional map survey. Check out Land Surveying Rental at this link to get started.